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70 Years / 70 Stories

Folkways - 70 Years, 70 Stories
A collection of stories told through hidden treasures from the Folkways collection unfolding throughout the 70th anniversary of the label
While an amazing array of music and sounds are the core of the legacy of Folkways and Moses Asch since 1948, the label’s history colorfully illustrates that of the entire modern music industry at large: from 78s to LPs to cassettes to CDs to downloads to streaming. Enjoy 70 striking objects that tell the story of a record label unlike any other.
The Birdcage Made for You and Me Happening Upon History Music's Longest Voyage Of Cowboys and Presidents Tailored for the People Return to the Aran Isles In the Beginning... Roar! Grunt! Growl! Colorful Correspondence Hard Hitting Songs for Hard Hit People The Original Vision An Appointment with Doc The World of Sound A Night in Moe’s Studio Yours very truly, Barry Goldwater Sounds of Mad Men and Wise Women Traces of a Transition Namesake Postcolonial Voices Memory of the World Paradise Garden Experimental Voices Snoopycat Hazel & Alice The Father of American Experimentalism Postcards from Africa Traditional Music from Cambodia Jazz for the Soul Malcolm Universal Human Rights Elizabeth Cotten Vortex