• Borders: Songs and Dances of the Scottish-English Border
  • The Prodigal Son (Modern English)
  • Plato on the Death of Socrates: Introduction with Readings from the Apology and the Phaedo in Greek & in English trans.
  • Old English Poetry: The Battle of Maldon
  • 53rd-73rd Verses, Chapter 2 (in English)
  • Albert Ramsbottom, Sam Small and Uthers: English Dialect Readings with Wallace House
  • Who Goes First/¿Quien Va Primero?: Children's Counting Out Rhymes in English and Spanish
  • From the Heart of England: Traditional English Songs for Children
  • The Story of Virgil's Aeneid: Introduction and Readings in Latin (and English) by Professor Moses Hadas
  • The Days of '49: Songs of the Gold Rush
  • Kentucky Folk Songs and Ballads
  • Pretty Saro
    TRACK Pretty Saro

    Logan English

  • Little Brown Dog
    TRACK Little Brown Dog

    Logan English

  • My Last Dollar is Gone
    TRACK My Last Dollar is Gone

    Logan English

  • Sacramento Gals
    TRACK Sacramento Gals

    Logan English

  • Chaucer: Readings from Canterbury Tales
  • Songs, Sounds and Stories from the Georgia Sea Islands
  • "O Canada" by Asani at 2006 Smithsonian Folklife Festival
  • The Galliards
    ALBUM The Galliards

    The Galliards

  • American Pronunciation
    ALBUM American Pronunciation

    Abraham and Betty Lass

  • The Ghana Language
    ALBUM The Ghana Language

    Ivan Annan

  • The Roots and Branches of Virginia Music: The past is present
  • Readings from D.H. Lawrence: Selected and Read by Harry T. Moore
  • A Little Romani Music