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Bana ba tau we-e! (Children of the lion!)

Bana ba tau we-e! (Children of the lion!)

From ILAM catalog: This song was recorded on the occasion when the Chief was being presented with the skin of a lion which had recently been killed, out at one of the cattle posts. According to custom, the skin had to be given to the Chief, Murusi Pilane. A large crowd of men marched up through the village to the Chief's council place, the Kgotla, singing this song as they came. The man who had killed the lion wore the skin over his head and shoulders, while four other men were similarly covered with the skins of leopards. A friend had the hollow fanged skull of the lion strapped on top of his head. As they sang, several men stabbed the air with their assegais as if they were re-enacting the scene.