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Rivers of Babylon: Live in India

The music performed by Rivers of Babylon, a London based group, is primarily the religious and secular music of the Babylonian (also knows as the Baghdadi or Iraqi) Jewish tradition. The members belong to the Baghad Jewish community in India, who migrated to India during the eighteenth century. Being the most recent of the Jewish communities to migrate to India, the music remains closest to that of the homeland. Harking back to their Indian roots, Rivers of Babylon includes in their repertoire songs from the Bene Israeli Jewish tradition as well as vintage Bollywood hits. This album consists of live recordings of the Remembered Rhythms tour, a music festival which travelled to seven Indian cities in February 2005 celebrating the music of India in a diasporic context. Rivers of Babylon and the music they perform represents the Jewish Indian diaspora India, and the Indian diaspora in the UK.

Track Listing

Yehi Shalom Behelenu Rivers of Babylon 3:40
Muqaddima Hijaz Rivers of Babylon 2:43
Ki Esherah Shabbath/ Balini-b-Balwa Rivers of Babylon 4:45
Simeni Rosh ak Kol Oybai Rivers of Babylon 5:33
Yom Hashshabbath Rivers of Babylon 2:40
El Eliyyahu Rivers of Babylon 3:23
Eliyyahu Hannabee Rivers of Babylon 4:26
Sinai Sinai Ayyeh Mosheh/ Sinai Dongrawar Moshela Rivers of Babylon 6:12
Emeth ata Hathenenu Rivers of Babylon 3:55
Ya Nabi Rivers of Babylon 2:51
Longa Nahawand Rivers of Babylon 3:11