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  • ALBUM The English Concertina

    Various Artists

  • TRACK The Battering Ram / The Concertina Reel /...

    Rodney Miller's New England Dance Band

  • TRACK Laughing Concertina

    Brian and the Mississippi Valley Dutchmen

  • TRACK Valzer - Waltz, Concertina

    Various Artists

  • TRACK Piece for Concertina and Drum

    Various Artists

  • TRACK The Blockade Runner

    Dan Milner|Bob Conroy|Arthur Garnett|Harry...

  • ALBUM Saturday Night at the Bull and Mouth

    Ewan MacColl and Peggy Seeger

  • ALBUM Songs of Sea and Shore

    Stuart M. Frank

  • ALBUM By Land or by Sea


  • TRACK The Sailor’s Grave

    David Coffin

  • TRACK Whoa, Back, Buck

    Dan Zanes|Donald Saaf|Isak Saaf|Olaf...

  • TRACK The Jamestown Homeward Bound

    David Coffin|Gabriel Donohue

  • TRACK Emma (round dance)

    Ophie & Da Websites|Lynden Pratt|Cleophas...

  • TRACK Da River (round dance)

    Ophie & Da Websites|Lynden Pratt|Cleophas...

  • TRACK Underneath the Bamboo Tree (round dance)

    Bo Hog & Da Rooters|Levi "Dodger" Webb|Alfred...