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  • TRACK Dust Storm Disaster

    Ramblin' Jack Elliott

  • TRACK The Hindenburg Disaster

    Lead Belly

  • TRACK Dust Storm Disaster

    Woody Guthrie

  • TRACK Westfield Disaster

    June Lazare

  • TRACK The Tay Bridge Disaster

    John Laurie

  • TRACK The Cherry Mine Disaster

    Keith Clark

  • TRACK The Titanic Disaster

    Pete Seeger

  • TRACK The Avondale Mine Disaster

    Paul Clayton

  • ALBUM Banjo Tunes and Songs

    Pete Steele

  • TRACK The Loss of the Antelope

    C. H. J. Snider

  • TRACK The Wreck of the Old 97

    Ed Badeaux

  • TRACK The Red Jacket Mine Explosion

    Various Artists

  • TRACK The Banks of Newfoundland

    O.J. Abbott

  • TRACK Charlie Mason Pogie Boat

    Charles Stowe

  • TRACK Sally Greer

    Martin McManus