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  • TRACK Electric Chair Blues

    Guitar Welch

  • TRACK Guitar Rag

    Johnny Bellar|Wayne Henderson|John...

  • TRACK No Future

    Jack Hardy|Mark Dann|Richard Meyer|Chuck...

  • TRACK Cajun Lady

    Rose Maddox|Herb Pedersen|Byron Berline|John...

  • TRACK $35 and a Dream

    Rose Maddox|Herb Pedersen|Byron Berline|Rick...

  • TRACK Grand Mamou

    Chuck Guillory|Preston Manuel|Curzy "Pork...

  • TRACK Grand Texas

    Chuck Guillory|Preston Manuel|Curzy "Pork...

  • TRACK Les Veuves De La Coule

    Chuck Guillory|Preston Manuel|Curzy "Pork...

  • TRACK Closing Prayer

    Sonny Treadway|Ronnie Mozee|Chief Overseer...

  • TRACK This Is a Holy Church

    Sonny Treadway|Ronnie Mozee|Laban...

  • TRACK I Wonder Where I'll Find You At Tonight

    Rose Maddox|Steven Grahn|Norm Hamlet|Tim...

  • TRACK Eddie's Medley

    Eddie Pennington|Johnny Bellar

  • TRACK Corina-Corina

    Freddy Fender

  • TRACK Cuando Quieras Cariño

    Freddy Fender

  • TRACK Tuve Un Amor

    Freddy Fender

  • TRACK Si Si Rider

    Freddy Fender

  • TRACK Bailando El Rock & Roll

    Freddy Fender

  • TRACK Flipping and Flopping

    Willie "Pinetop" Perkins|Luther "Guitar...

  • TRACK It's Enough

    Juke Boy Bonner