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  • TRACK The Ballad of John Paul Smith

    Various Artists

  • TRACK Fort Smith Breakdown

    Walker Shepard|Craig Judelman|Eli Smith|John...

  • TRACK John Hardy

    Various Artists

  • TRACK John Henry

    Hobart Smith

  • TRACK John Lover Is Gone

    Various Artists

  • TRACK John Brown's Dream

    Hobart Smith

  • TRACK John Greer's Two-Step

    Hobart Smith

  • TRACK Poor Ellen Smith

    Vester Jones

  • TRACK Boogie Woogie

    Jones-Smith Incorporated|Carl Smith|Lester...

  • TRACK Lazarus

    Various Artists

  • TRACK Every Mail Day

    Various Artists

  • TRACK John Henry

    John Jackson

  • TRACK John the Revelator

    Ethel Caffie-Austin

  • ALBUM Colonial and Revolutionary War Sea Songs and...

    Cliff Halsam and John Millar

  • ALBUM Old Man Below

    The Dust Busters with John Cohen

  • ALBUM Scottish Bagpipe Music

    John A. MacLellan

  • ALBUM One Man Band

    John "Paul" Blackman