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  • TRACK Bluegrass Stomp

    Bill Monroe and the Blue Grass Boys

  • TRACK Mermentau Stomp

    Hackberry Ramblers|Luderin Darbone|Lennis...

  • TRACK Lake Arthur Stomp

    The California Cajun Orchestra|Danny...

  • TRACK French Harp Stomp

    Hackberry Ramblers|Luderin Darbone|Lennis...

  • TRACK Bosco Stomp

    Savoy-Doucet Cajun Band|Marc Savoy|Ann...

  • TRACK Prudhomme Stomp

    John Delafose|Charles Prudhomme|Joseph "Slim"...

  • TRACK Creole Stomp

    Joe Falcon|Lionel LeLeux|Theresa Falcon|Allen...

  • TRACK Kentucky Stomp

    The Dixie Four|Jimmy Blythe|John...

  • TRACK Lake Arthur Stomp

    The Savoy Family Band|Marc Savoy|Ann...

  • TRACK French Harp Stomp

    Gérard Dôle and his Backdoor Cajuns

  • TRACK Georgia stomp

    Various Artists

  • TRACK Louisiana Stomp

    Clifton Chenier|Big Chenier|Robert Pete

  • TRACK Boscoe Stomp

    Lawrence Walker|Lawrence Walker & His...

  • TRACK Footdella Stomp

    Jesse Fuller

  • TRACK Sam McGee Stomp

    Sam McGee

  • TRACK Cincinnati Stomp

    Big Joe Duskin

  • TRACK Fiddle Stomp

    Wallace "Cheese" Read

  • TRACK Kansas City Stomp

    Various Artists

  • TRACK Fais Do Do Stomp

    Harry Choates|Johnnie Mae Smirle (Manuel)|Joe...

  • TRACK Stomp Off, Let's Go!

    Erskine Tate's Vendome Orchestra

  • TRACK Lake Arthur Stomp

    Lionel LeLeux|Michael Doucet

  • TRACK Shreveport Stomp

    Jelly Roll Morton

  • TRACK Abel Street Stomp

    Memphis Piano Red

  • TRACK Bad Times Stomp

    Black Ace|B. K. Turner