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  • TRACK I Want to Go Where Jesus Is

    Maurice "Ted" Beard, Jr.|Freddie Dixon|Rico...

  • TRACK I Have to Go

    Various Artists

  • TRACK C. Day Lewis: Is It Far to Go?

    Various Artists

  • TRACK I Want to Go Home

    Lead Belly

  • TRACK Over the Road I'm Bound to Go

    Uncle Dave Macon

  • TRACK I Want To Go Fishing

    The Hopkins Brothers|John Henry Hopkins

  • TRACK You Don't Have to Go

    Clifton Chenier|Cleveland Chenier|C.J....

  • TRACK Oh Baby, You Don't Have to Go

    The Chambers Brothers|George Chambers|Willie...

  • TRACK Honey I'm Bound To Go

    Wilmoth Houdini|Walter Bennett|Walter...

  • TRACK I've Got to Go

    L.C. "Good Rockin'" Robinson|Dave...

  • TRACK Take Me, I Want to Go With You

    Various Artists

  • TRACK Where Am I to Go

    The X-Seamen's Institute

  • TRACK Gal, You Want To Go Back to Scambo

    Fresh Creek Dance Band