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  • TRACK Vaudeville

    Frank Tedesso

  • ALBUM Song and Dance Man: Popular American Song...

    Don Meehan and the Dave Carey Orchestra

  • ALBUM Colette's Music Hall (L'Envers du...

    Claire Luce and Julie Haydon Nathan

  • ALBUM Sophie Tucker and Ted Lewis - Vintage Show...

    Sophie Tucker and Ted Lewis

  • TRACK Try and Play It

    Arthur Schutt

  • TRACK My Gal Sal

    Various Artists

  • TRACK Oh You Beautiful Doll

    Various Artists

  • TRACK Coaxing the Piano

    Willie Eckstein

  • TRACK That Futuristic Rag

    Rube Bloom

  • ALBUM Songs of the Southland

    Harry and Jeanie West

  • TRACK My Pet

    Sidney Williams

  • TRACK Chopsticks

    Pauline Alpert

  • TRACK Medley of Irish Jigs

    John Kimmel

  • TRACK Medley of Straight Jigs

    John Kimmel

  • TRACK Twenty Years

    Bert Williams

  • TRACK International Echoes

    John Kimmel