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Ku Mchisi kuli mtengo/Opela utumiza (At Mchisi there is a tree/Though you give me cloth)

Visanza girls' school choir
From ILAM catalog: The Nkaodi tree is used as a love charm, the roots being taken soaked in water and drunk, mostly by women in the hope that their husbands will love them more. It would appear that this tune, used as a dance theme in the 1930s, reflected the European influence of the period, with the stress incorrectly applied to the ultimate syllables.

[Second song] The man in the context went away to look for his employer, Mr. Baloni (Mr. Baron) near Lilongwe and stayed away for a very long time. He sent his wife cloth, but she said she did not want just cloth but her husband for whom she would go all the way to Lilongwe in order to be with him.