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Downloading and Saving mp3 Files to Your Computer

The mp3 format music files in the "Northwest Fiddle Field Recordings" section can be downloaded to your computer and saved so you can play them from your computer anytime you wish without going on line, burn them to CD, load them to portable mp3 players, etc. Here's how it is done.

1. Place your mouse over the tune name on the Northwest Fiddle Field Recordings - mp3 Format page.

2. Right click your mouse. A menu will come up giving you several choices.

3. Select "Save Link," "Save Target As," "Download Linked File," whichever comes up in your browser. This will bring up a window asking you the folder to which to save the file and the name under which you want to save it. All the mp3 files on the Northwest Fiddle Field Recordings page have been given a filename which is the name of the tune, followed by the initials of the fiddler playing it. You can change the name you save it under if you want. For Mac users desiring to change the name, chose "Download Linked File As" in the download menu.

4. Navigate to and select the folder to which you want to save the file and click the "SAVE" button. This will save the file You can save the file in the default folder to which the brower saves downloads, or you can use or create another folder in which to save these files and chose it to save to.

User's of Macs with a single button mouse should place the mouse over the tune to be downloaded, hold down the "control" key, and click the mouse button to bring up the download and save menu.

Users of Firefox desiring to download all the mp3 files should get the Firefox plug-in "downthemall," which will download all the mp3 files at once.

Thanks much to the folks on Fiddle-L and Fiddle Hangout who helped me with these instructions! If you are a fiddler and not a member of these listservs, you should join.

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