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NW Field Recordings Fiddlers Index

Following is a list of the fiddlers included so far in these Northwest Field Recording selections, in alphabetical order. To read more about the fiddler and where the recordings were made, and to play their tunes, click on the fiddler's name. To access all the information about the fiddlers and their tunes on one page and play their tunes, click here on Northwest Fiddle Field Recordings mp3 Listing. More extensive information about some of the fiddlers can be found in the Fiddler Histories page.

The Fiddlers:

Acocello, Mary - Annie Laurie, Memories
Allen, Harold - Red Fox Waltz, Red Apple Rag, Leather Britches,
Anderson, Jeff - Tune from Grandfather (name not known).
Balfa, Dewey - Hip Et Taiant, Last Waltz, Perrodin Two Step 2, Don't Get Married
Barron, Myllie - Fiddlers Delight, Ottawa Valley Reel, Frenchie's Reel, Jig, Old Red Barn, Mexicali Rose, Happy Boy Schottische, Jig 2, Waltz 2, Hoedown 2
Berry, Glenn - Fatback Meat & Dumplings, Sleeping Giant Two-Step
Bonar, Connie - Logs in the Rogue, White River Stomp, Cincinnati Hornpipe
Bradley, Hank - Red Apple Rag, Lee Highway Blues
Brank, Ken - Cornflower Waltz
Bray, Wilson - Sam & Elzie, Darwan's Tune
Calvert, Jim
Pride of the Ball, Cherokee Maiden
Chenowith, Jim - Barbara's Polka, East Tennessee Blues
Clem, Willard - Katydid Waltz, Blue Flame
Clevens, Archie - Andy's Schottische.
Colyer, Pat - Foggy Valley, Don't Love Nobody
Cook, Phil - Three Reels, Reel in D, Portland Fancy, Running Waters
Corvasier, Henry - House Party Jig
Cowin, Ellis - Walk Along John, Hop Up Pussycat (Stoney Point), I Don't Love Nobody, Yellow Flower Waltz, Green Valley Waltz, Mitco Blues
Crawford, Steve - Corn on the Cob, Devil Among the Tailore, Rye Valley Waltz, Cock of the Morning (The Red Rooster Crows)
Dahlgren, Marty - Listen to the Mockingbird.
DeJardin, Wilf - Hummingbird Waltz.
Engstrom, Floyd - Sacramento Mountain Rag, Florence Killian's Waltz, Angus Campbell
Evans, Jim - Bear Creek Hop, Briar Patch
Ferris, Clem - Twilight Waltz, Smash the Window, Uncle Henry's Reel
Frazier, Gladys - Old English Schottische (Military Schottische)
Gagnon, Aimé - Reel deTi-Jean Bouribale, Good Neighber Waltz
Galbraith, Art - Rock Mountain Hornpipe, Wagoner
Gardner, Wade - Durang's Hornpipe, Vermillion Waltz, Logan
Gates, Sadie - Dad's Waltz, Hen Cackle
Gentle, J. C. - Christmas Eve, Dance Around Molly, Eighth of January, Up Jumped the Devil, Little Betty Brown, JC's Waltz
Gish, Don - Yakima Waltz, Rag in C, Scotch Schottische, Over the Waves, Old Country Schottische
Griffin, Chuck - Evergreen Stomp, Orange Blossom Special, Roy's Rag, Minuet in Swing, Here's to the Ladies .
Gubbe, Robert
- Rocky Mountain Waltz.
Guernsey, Stan
- New Century Hornpipe, Over the Waves.
Halvorson, Vic - Grasshopper Polka, Durham's Reel
Hanson, Joe
- Old Figary O'
Holland, Jerry - Cape Breton Medley
Howard, Otis - Century 21 Hoedown, Old White Mule, Blue Valley Waltz, Cripple Creek
Hughes, Lena - Marmaduke's Hornpipe, Forked Deer, Southern Roses Waltz, Adrian's Reel, Durang's Hornpipe
Jarrell, TommyJohn Brown's Dream (banjo), Cluck Old Hen (fiddle), Complete 1975 private performance in Phil & Vivian Williams' home, Seattle, WA
Jenkins, Edna (later Grice) - Goodnight Waltz
Johnson, Charles - Down in the Cane Break (Nancy Till)
Johnson, Harry - Casey's Old Time Waltz, Two-Step (unidentified), Johnny Green's Cakewalk, Waltz (unidentified), Year of Jubilo, Red River Two-step
Johnson, Herman - Tom and Jerry, I Don't Love Nobody, Herman's Rag, Fisher's Hornpipe
Johnston, Neil - Possum up a Gum Stump
Kahana, Charles - Campbell's March, Buffalo Gals/The Girl I Left Behind Me/Prettiest Girl in the County
Keller, Jim - Rabbit in the Pea Patch
Kiesecker, Gil
- Blue Mountain Waltz, Mississippi Sawyer
Kemble, Clarence
- Whistling Rufus.
Kessinger, Clark - Turkey in the Straw, Blackhawk Waltz, Turkey Knob, Over the Waves, Leather Britches, Richmond Polka, Flop Eared Mule, Sweet Bunch of Daisies, Ragtime Annie, West Virginia Hornpipe, Sally Ann Johnson, Billy in the Lowground, Poca River Blues, Listen to the Mockingbird, Goodnight Waltz, Salt River, Forked Deer, Sally Goodin, Chinky Pin, Durang's Hornpipe, Sally Johnson, Sandy River Belle
Knause, Carl - Scandinavian Waltz, Rakes of Mallow, Silver Bells
Koppel, Russell - Peek-a-Boo Waltz
Kronkite, Floyd - Hoedown, Schottische
Lamb, Barbara - Ceilito Lindo, Swedish Walking Tune (Te budum och sommarens glädje), Twin Sisters
Lamb, Dwight
- Adrian's Hornpipe, Comin' Down to Denver, Miller's Reel, Granny Will Your Dog Bite, Steamboat Round the Bend, Cheatham County Rag
Lamb, Grant
- Frank Ryan's Hornpipe, Loggerman's Breakdown, Reel, Grandfather's Reel, Repasz Band March, Schottische
Ledford, Lily May - Cacklin Hen, Ragtime Annie
Lieber, Alex - Daly's Reel, Sunset Polka
Long, Bill - Stone's Rag, Still on the Hill, Hell Among the Yearlings, Durang's Hornpipe, Waltz
Manes, Almon
- Harvest Home, Ozark Moon
Manes, Virginia
- Smoky Mountain Waltz, Crystal Schottische, Durang's Hornpipe
McGee, Dennis, and Sady Courville
- Waltz, Courville Breakdown
McGrath, Delbert
- Possum and Sweet Taters, Alligator Rag
McVeigh, Henry - The Soldier's Plea, Old Dan Tucker
Meltzer, Howie
- Polecat Blues, Texas Gallop
Miller, Sonny - Twinkle Little Star, Bill Cheatum, Smith's Rag
Mitchell, Bill - Farewell Blues, Lee Highway Swing, Cacklin Hen
Modrell, Rusty & Yohey, Bill - Til We Meet Again
Monroe, Bill - White Folks Ain't Treating Me Right, Dead March, Watson's Blues, Candy Gal, Rachel, Paddy on the Turnpike, Blackberry Blossom, Turkey in the Straw
Montgomery, Bob - Ward's Waltz, Rick's Jig, Concert Reel
Morgan, Chuck - Up Jumped the Devil, Whistlers Waltz
Norberg, Clarence - Lone Star Rag.
Osborne, Ray - Dill Pickle Rag, Down on the Farm, Cacklin Hen
Pancerzewski, Joe
- Arkansas Rag, Bride of the Wind
Persinger, Cleo - Waltz, Boone County Rag
Pruden, Stan
- West 14th Jig
Rader, Grant - Sweet Bunch of Daisies, Rochester Schottische
Ringo, Ernest - The Devil Shook Hisself
Robichaud, Jerry - Abigweit Breakdown, Buddy Knell's Jig, High Level Hornpipe
Rogers, Lyman - Hell on Buck Creek, Old Time Waltz Medley
Sanderson, Alvin - Do-Si-Do, Old Schottische in C, Minnesota Waltz, Old Two-Step in C
Setran, Ben - Pushee's Hornpipe, Reginald's Waltz, Alex & Maureen's Two-Step
Sexsmith, Llewellyn (Max) - Victory Breakdown, Our Last Waltz, Big John McNeil
Sharp, Mary - Ragtime Annie, Wilson's Clog
Shaw, Manny - Twinkle Little Star, Just an Old Schottische
Snead, Fay - Unidentified Hoedown, East Tennessee Blues, Unidentified Hoedown 2, Unidentified Hoedown 3, Unidentified Hoedown 4, Monkey on the Dog Cart,
sDo Do Do a Day, Polka

Spiecker, Bill - Paddy on the Turnpike, Spiecker Special
Stephens, Monte
- Buffalo Girls, Still on the Hill
Stinnett, Cyril - Five Miles Out of Town, Canary Waltz, Bennett's Reel, Angus Campbell, Cowboy Waltz
Stripling, Lee -Big Four, Kennedy Rag, Lost John, Wolves Howling
Thomasson, Benny - Song of the Wanderer , Mother's Reel, River Road Stomp, Sally Goodin, Festival Waltz
Vanoy, Henry - Ida Red, Old Dan Tucker, Shout Lulu
Vogt, Mabel - Kathy Belinda Waltz, Bright's Blues, Ray Simmons Polka
Waer, Charley - Cattle Call Waltz, Texas Schottische
Wanzer, Loyd - Mississippi Sawyer, Fire on the Mountain, Sweet Bunch of Daisies, Sugar Tree Stomp, Romeo's Last Chance, Down From Denver
White, John - Boys Around the World, Peek-a-Boo Waltz, Money and Corn, Aunt Mary's Hornpipe
Widner, Jimmy - Possum Up the Simmon Tree, Rubber Dolly, Dreamer's Waltz, Tennessee Polka, Busy Fingers
Wiles, Don - Way Down Yonder in the Corn Field, Lost Cowboy, Newport Breakdown
Williams, Stuart -Bandy Marse, Black Velvet Waltz, Durham's Bull, Fatback Meat & Dumplings, Old Aunt Sally Put a Bug On Me, Tenstrike, Windjammer
Williams, Vivian - Turkey in the Straw, Cabri Waltz, Pacific Slope, Finnskogen Waltz, Fortune, Run Boy Run, Liza Jane, Sailor's Hornpipe, Katy Hill, Iles de la Madeleina, Back Up & Push, Grey Eagle, Rawhide, Roanoke, Sally Goodin, Sunflower Schottische, Dixie Hoedown, Liberty, Sweet Dixie, College Hornpipe, Liberty, Sourwood Mountain, Arkansas Traveler, Helena Polka, Early in the Evening, Wake Up Susan, Dance Around Molly, La Bastringue, Dry Creek Reel, Honest John
Wright, Ray -
My Little Home in West Virginia, Sweet Marie, Old German Waltz
Yohey, Bill - Whispering, Williamson's Hornpipe, Durang's Hornpipe, Waltz of the Angels, Uncle Joe