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We have put up many videos of Voyager artists and other fiddlers on YouTube under our YouTube channel "vpwillnw." Others have put their videos of Voyager artists on the Web. Here is an alphabetical list of these fiddlers and other artists with links to the videos of them online.

Anastasio, Paul - From the Seattle Folklore Society’s “Fiddlers Showcase” concert, January 25, 2014, featuring Pacific Northwest fiddlers. Paul Anastasio is a well known Western Swing and Country fiddler, and more recently, for his work in documenting the amazing fiddling found in Terra Caliente, Mexico. Here he is backed up by Rich Levine on guitar. Paul lives in Shoreline, WA and Rich lives in Seattle. They have been playing together for many years. Mr. Anastasio was fortunate to have met great jazz violinist Joe Venuti, who lived in Seattle and played in Seattle clubs the last part of his life. Venuti took him on as his only student. Paul’s style reflects well his mentoring by this jazz master. Paul has toured with Asleep at the Wheel, Larry Gatlin, Loretta Lynn, and others. He runs “Swing Cat” records, Video by Phil Williams.

Sentamenta Waltz (WOTFA Fiddle Contest East Wenatchee, video by Brid Nowlan)

The following videos are from the Seattle Folklore Society’s “Fiddlers Showcase” concert, January 25, 2014, featuring Pacific Northwest fiddlers. Paul is backed up by Rich Levin, guitar, on the first three tunes. On the next five Mexican tunes from Terry Caliente, Paul is backed up by Juan Barco, bajo sexto, and Elena DeLisle-Perry on guitar.

spaceBack Home in Indiana
spaceBye Bye Blackbird
spaceDe Huetamo a Pachuca
spaceGusto from Angel Tavira
Sacale Una Vuelta al Toro Rabon
xAlla en el Rancho Grande
xNi Por Favor

Anderson, Jeff - Mr. Anderson is a noted Scandinavian fiddler living near Tumwater, Washington, with his wife Jane Johnson, who plays button accordion. Jeff’s family came to the U.S. from Norway and the Lofoten Islands. He learned to play fiddle from the playing of his grandfathers from Norway. Jeff and Jane perform at many Scandinavian events, festivals, and other affairs. Video by Phil Williams.

No Name Schottische - Washington Old Time Fiddlers Show, Chehalis, WA, September, 2006Washington Old Time Fiddlers Show, Chehalis, WA, September, 2006
Wiggen Polka WOTFA Fiddle Show Chehalis -District 9, Washington Old Time Fiddlers Show, Chehalis, WA, September, 2006
fMiss McLeod’s Reel - 2007 Washington State Old Time Fiddle Contest, East Wenatchee, WA.
xMrs. Anderson’s Waltz Centralia Campout
xThe Little Drunken Man Centralia Campout
xStorviksaetra Vals WOTFA Workshop, Kittitas, WA
xArkansas Traveler WOTFA Workshop, Kittitas, WA
xLittle Norwegian Boy’s Fiddle Vals
(WOTFA Workshop, Kittitas, WA)
The following tunes are from the Seattle Folklore Society's "Fiddlers Showcase concert, January, 2014
xSirkoijen Tanssi Schottis
xSigurd's Polka
xSpratt and Snurringen Mazurkas
xMrs. Anderson's Wedding Waltz
xThe Little Norwegian Boy's Fiddle Waltz
xRassel Olles Shottis
xNo Name Schottische

Balfa, Dewey - Mr. Balfa was a noted Cajun fiddler who played many concerts in Seattle, where the following video was taken.
Jole Blond.

Barrett, Dick - Mr. Barrett came from Texas where he learned Texas style fiddling. He moved to Montana. He won the National Old Time Fiddle Contest, Weiser, ID, many times and was a major influence on Northwest fiddlers.

xLiza Jane
xMorning Star Waltz
x I Don’t Love Nobody
xBack Home in Indiana

Barron, Myllie - Mr. Barron grew up and learned to play fiddle in Saskachewan. His father repaired fiddles as a sideline. He also was a dance fiddler, but could not afford his own fiddle. When Myllie was young, he and his father played dances on fiddles in for repair. Then he got a mail order fiddle kit by mail, which came with one of the popular fiddle tunes instruction books. He became an excellent fiddler. He could take a tune from the "1000 Fiddle Tunes" book and elaborate greatly on it. A transcription of his version of Red River Jig is in a book published by the Canadian Centre for Folk Culture Studies. These videos were made in the Williams' living room.

xRed River Jig
xHappy Boy Schottische
xFinnish Waltz

Bartley, Dave - My Daddy Was a Dutchman WOTFA Fiddle Show Des Moines, WA. Video by Shirley Calvert.

Berline, Byron - Ragtime Annie (with Texas Shorty)
xSally Goodin
xBilly in the Lowground
x Mockingbird

Blech, Kerry - Gallynipper
xZolly’s Retreat and Washington’s March
xOklahoma Rooster
xHead of the Creek;
xIrish Reel;
xShores of Lake Erie
xJohnny Pick the Strings
xBill Everhart’s Tune
xContra Dancing with the Gods.

Boudreault, Louis -Le Batteux

Bradley, Hank - Bull at the Wagon/Carrol County Blues
xHexadecimal Rag/Ain't Broke
xRichmond Blues
xTea Bag Blues
xYellow Gals

Caudill, Roy - Cripple Creek
xEllen Smith, Corinna (Irwin Nash), Fireball Mail, Coming Round the Mountain, Cindy, Cripple Creek, Johnson Boys
; Johnson Boys
xFireball Mail, Fireball Mail, Johnson Boys, Fox Chase, Cripple Creek (with Irwin Nash)
xCindy, Lonesome Road Blues
x Roy Caudill was from North Carolina. We met him in 1960 at his Seattle house. He played an old two finger picking banjo style. In the last video he is being interviewed by Irwin Nash. This video was made at KCTS-TV, University of Washington.

Chancellor, Jim (Texas Shorty) - Georgia Boys, Jack of Diamonds
xChancellor Waltz, Midnight on the Water, Bonaparte’s Retreat
xKentucky Waltz, Listen to the Mockingbird, Billy in the Lowground
xSay Old Man, Shuck in the Bush
xDubry Waltz

Farr, Laura, and Hagood, Tyler - Bring Out the Cider; From the Washington State Fiddle Contest, East Wenatchee, WA. Video by Brid Nowlan.

Ferrel, Frank - Golden Boy, Reel from Quebec, Soldier’s Joy, Turkey in the Straw, Arkansas Traveler
xBeaumont Rag, Hot Canary
xMedley of Cape Breton tunes
xMedley of Winston Fitzgerald tunes
xBonnie Lass set; Haywood Schottische, Opera Reel
xMidnight on the Water, Bonaparte’s Retreat
xHumors of Maine
xCon Casey’s Jig (with Joe Derrane)

Fox, Jamie - Gilberts Duck Dance
xWhite Buffalo
xYvonne Dumont/Elijah Harper
xReel of Four/Drops of Brandy
xSitting Bull

Friends of Sally Johnson, - Harley Bray, banjo; Shera Bray, guitar, bass; Vivian Williams, fiddle; Phil Williams, bass, mandolin; Barry Brower, mandolin, guitar - Watson’s Blues
xHarley’s Breakdown
xGabriel’s Call
xChicken Under the Washtub
xFling Ding
xCharlotte Breakdown
xHeel and Toe Polka
xAngelina Baker
xLeather Britches
xWhoa Mule
xPlease Come Back Little Pal
xWinter Blues
xWalking In My Sleep
xStony Point
xFoggy Old London
xThe First Whipporwill
xChinky Pin
xCarolina Mountain Home
xHard Luck Blues
xThink of What You’ve Done
xJesus Will Save Your Soul
xLee Highway Blues
xGonna Lay Down My Old Guitar
xJenny Lynn
xThe Old Hometown
xThese videos are from a concert in Spokane, WA in 1988. Courtesy of Barry Brower

Fultz, Bobbi - Centralia Waltz Video by Shirley Calvert at a Washington Old Time Fiddlers show, Des Moines, WA.

Gish, Don - Cotton Patch Rag
xBlackberry Blossom
xShannon Waltz
xHe was the instigator and founder of the Washington Old Time Fiddlers Association.

Hall, Kenny - Policeman
xRaisin’ the Roof in Georgia, A Soldier and his Sweetheart, Little Girl Dressed in Blue
xBack Up and Push, Texas Bobwire
xBill Cheatum
xAngeline the Baker
x“I Hear What You See: The Old-Time World of Kenny Hall”
xRoll Along Kentucky Moon
xWreck of the No. 9
x“Kenny Hall, Fresno”, including Turkey in the Straw, Those Fresno Chiles
xCow Punchers Waltz, Preacher in the Wood Pile
xWhiskey Before Breakfast
xHallelujah I’m A Bum
xShe’s Got Money Too

Hallsville, Missouri Dance - From a dance in Hallsville, MO, October, 2012
xNine Miles - Square dance with fiddling by John White and Vivian Williams

Hart, Allen - Doodle Bug (fiddle)
xOld Jimmy Sutton (banjo)
xCuckoo No. 2
xCluck Old Hen

Herd, Jim- Tennessee Grey Eagle
xMonkey in the Dog Cart
xKatydid Waltz
xKaty Hill All the preceding videos were made in Williams camp at the Weiser, ID, fiddle contest in 1991 by Barry Brower.

Johnson, Harry - Waltzing in Old San Antone Videoed by Brid Nowlan at the Washington State Fiddle Contest, East Wenatchee, WA.
xCDs of Harry Johnson may be found on the Washington Old Time Fiddlers web site.

Kiesecker, Gil - Show me the Way to Go Home Videoed at a Washington Old Time Fiddlers Association "WOTFA" Fiddle Show, Des Moines, WA, by Shirley Calvert.
xClearwater Stomp Videoed at a workshop at the Northwest Folklife Festival, Seattle WA.

Kimball, Amy - Step dancing to Mason's Apron, played by Vivian Williams, fiddle; Phil Williams, guitar, at a WOTFA fiddle show, October, 2013.

Lamb, Barbara - Forked Deer
xLittle Rabbit

Marshall, Howard - Evansville Missouri
xOver the Waves
xKiss Me Waltz All preceding videos made at Huckleberry Coffee Shop, Weiser, ID. This is a popular jam spot during the National Old Time Fiddle Contest as, besides good coffee, it has a piano. Mussel Wolf from Booneville, MO, is playing piano, Vivian Williams is the other fiddler. Taken by Phil Williams.
xPeacock Rag
xKansas City Kitty
xMillers Reel
xDixie Hoedown
xEvansville Missouri

McFalls, Fred and Bryson, Ben - Greenback Dollar, Lonely Tombs, All The Good Times, Maggie Blues, Double Banjo Blues
xCrawdad Song, Long Journey Home, Curly Headed Baby, Bluegrass Breakdown

Meltzer, Howie - Rachel; Texas Both of these are from the Centralia Old Time Music Campout.

Moore, Gary Lee - Rat Cheeze Taken at the Washington State Fiddle Contest, East Wenatchee, WA, by Brid Nowlan.
xRed Skin Rag (From the NW Folklife Festival.)
xUncle Pig; Beaumont Rag These two videos are from the WOTFA Fiddle Show in Des Moines, WA.
xAcorn Stomp From Weiser, 2011.
xScoldin’ Ladies
xJack of Diamonds
xBill Cheatham/Waynesboro
xBrown Skin Gal
xMississippi Sawyer
xAcorn Stomp From Seattle Folklore Society Fiddler Showcase
xWhen I Get Too Old to Dream
xRed Skinned Gal
xBeaumont Rag
xBill Cheatum From the Seattle Folklore Society Fiddler Showcase

Notatious - Old Red Barn Medley
xBeemer Quadrille No. 1 Fig. 2
xStone’s Rag
xNew Rigged Ship The preceding videos of Notatious were taken by Shirley Calvert at a WOTFA Fiddle Show, Des Moines, WA. Notatious is Vivian Williams & Bonnie Zahnow, fiddles, Phil Williams, mandolin, W. B. Reid, banjo guitar.

Savoy, Marc -One Step de Duson

Selby, Raymond - Harvester Polka
xBeaumont Rag These videos taken at the Washington State Fiddle Contest, Wenatchee, WA, by Brid Nowlan.

Stephens, Duane - The Widder Wants to Marry Duane learned from his dad, Missouri fiddler Monte Stephens. Taken on the lawn of the Colonial Motel, Weiser, ID, by Phil Williams.

Stripling, Lee - Kennedy Rag
xLost John
x My Little Girl
x Big Four
xGoodnight Waltz
xWolves Howling Preceding videos from a house concert at Williams, Seattle, 2001 by Phil Williams.

Texas Shorty - See "Chancellor, Jim," above.

Veenstra, Hank - Reel Beatrice Taken at the Washington State Fiddle Contest, Wenatchee, WA, by Brid Nowlan.

Washington Old Time Fiddlers - Arkansas Traveler, Golden Slippers, Red Wing. Performed by a group of fiddlers at a WOTFA fiddle show, October, 2013.

Widner, Jimmy - Flop Eared Mule Taken at a jam session at the Moore's camp, Weiser, ID.
xWaltz Across Texas

Williams, John - Happy Jack

Williams, Phil & Vivian - D” Blues
xBalen I Karlstad; Taken at a WOTFA fiddle show, Des Moines, WA, by Shirley Calvert.
xSir John MacDonald’s Waltz
xJenny Lind Polka
xDrops of Brandy Taken at a WOTFA fiddle show, Chehalis, WA, by Shirley Calvert.
xConcert Reel, Starry Nights and Candlelight, Peter Barnes; Taken at the National Old Time Fiddle Contest, Weiser, ID, in 1999, the year Vivian won the Senior Division.
xQuadrille Set Five Fig. 1
xMazurka from Mr. Howard
xEvening Star Waltz
xDarkie Sett Fig II The preceding four videos of tunes from the Peter Beemer Manuscript were videoed in the Williams livingroom.
xTurkey in the Straw
xOld Joe Clark
xWeevily Wheat
xGobblers Knob
xSara Brown
xNellie Bly
xBelieve Me if All Those Endearing Young Charms; The preceding eight videos were taken at a house concert at Kate Bowers, Bow, WA.
Clarinet Polka
x Hiawatha, Newcastle Hornpipe, President Garfields
xFerry Bridge Hornpipe Medley (Ferry Bridge, Danny Flannigan’s Clog, Rickett’s; The preceding four videos were from a concert at the Seattle Concert Theater, Seattle, WA in xx1982. Tall Timber was Vivian Williams, fiddle; Barney Munger, banjo, bass; Sue Thompson, guitar; and Phil Williams, bass, mandolin)
xPeacock Rag
xSoldiers Joy; The preceding two videos were made at Huckleberry Coffee Shop, Weiser, ID, with Howard Marshall, fiddle, and Mussel Wolfe, piano.
xRippling Water Jig, Mason’s Apron
xMississippi Sawyer, Soldier’s Joy, Arkansas Traveler, Chicken Reel
x Midnight on the Water
xMother’s Reel, The Mackilmoyle, Big John McNeil
x The Oregon Trail; The preceding five videos were taken at Under The Rail club, Seattle, WA.
xMiss Farquarson’s Reel Taken at an Oregon Trail show, Tumwater, WA.
xState Contest Round 2007 - Ryestraw, Rosebud of Allenvale, Happy Acres Two-Step A competition round at the Washington State Old Time Fiddle Contest, East Wenatchee, WA. xxVideo by Brid Nowlan.
xMarmaduke’s Hornpipe Taken at a Northwest Folklife Festival performance, Stuart Williams, fiddle; Phil Williams, guitar.
xSquire Creek Taken at the Darrington Bluegrass Festival, Darrington, WA. The band is "The Friends of Sally Johnson" - Vivian Williams, fiddle; Harley Bray, banjo; Barry Brower, mandolin; xxxShera Bray, guitar; Phil Williams, bass.
xYankee Doodle Taken by Jens Lund at a performance of our program "Fiddle Tunes of the Lewis & Clark Era" at Horsethief Lake State Park, WA.
xSilver Wedding Waltz Taken at Williams camp at the Weiser fiddle contest.
xAqua Barn Square Dance Taken by Michael Williams at a square dance at the Aqua Barn Ranch, Maple Valley Highway, WA. The caller is Kappie Kappenman. The band is Vivian xxxWilliams, fiddle; Phil Williams, guitar; Judy Webster, bass.
xSaturday Waltz Taken by Carol Burns at a concert in Tumwater, WA.
xGal on the Log A tune played during the Civil War and at a wedding in Seattle in 1862
xAnnie Laurie (A tune played during the Civil War)
xOld Gray Mare A tune played during the Civil War, using a Civil War fretless banjo.
xMoney Musk Played at Lincoln's Inaugural Ball, by Confederate General J.E.B. Stuart's band, and for a dance at the Union's Johnson Island prison camp.
xLife Let Us Cherish A tune played during the Civil War, commonly used for the "basket" quadrille figure. Accompanied by Phil on a mid-19th century guitar.
xMy Skiff is On The Shore A beautiful waltz from The Neilson Music Book, a manuscript written by a fiddler in Cuilhill, Scotland, in 1875 from which he played dances. Accompanied by Phil Williams, guitar. Video from a WOTFA Fiddle Show.
xNine Miles A great breakdown Vivian learned from Missouri fiddler, John White. Phil Williams, guitar. Videoed at a Washington Old Time Fiddlers (WOTFA) show October, 2013
xBrahms Polka A polka Vivian learned from California fiddler, Verg Evans. Played also entirely in double stops. Phil Williams, guitar. Videoed at a Washington Old Time Fiddlers (WOTFA) show October, 2013.
xMason's Apron Vivian is playing this for step dancing by Amy Kimball. Phil Williams, guitar. Videoed at a Washington Old Time Fiddlers (WOTFA) show October, 2013.
xLeather Britches
xRagtime Annie - From a video made at the Idaho State Fiddle Contest, Nampa, Idaho, 2012, Vivian was a judge.
xJamming for Northwest Folklife, 1977 - Video by KCTS, Seattle, hosted by Suzanne Tedesko. Includes Vivian, Phil, Hank Bradley, Dick Marvin, Ellen Marx, Mike Seeger, Dumisami Marimba Band, Swedish Fiddlers, Eskimos, Mark O'Conner.

The following videos of Vivian Williams were made at a concert of tunes she learned from Pacific Northwest fiddlers at the 2011 Portland Old Time Gathering:
xCanadian Heel & Toe Polka
xTennessee Grey Eagle
xMoney Musk
xJean LaTippe
xA & E Waltz
xRepublic Schottische
xSam & Elzie
xClearwater Stomp
xSt. John’s Hoedown
xChristmas Eve
xFarmers Jamboree
xSaturday Waltz
xFairy Waltz
xRagtime Annie

spacerThe following videos of Vivian & Phil Williams were taken at an entertainment set done by them at the National Old Time Fiddle Contest, Weiser, ID, 2011:
xHelena Polka
xRed Fox Waltz
xThe Gobby-O
xSoldiers Joy
xMcCoy’s Waltz
xSlumber Polka
xBeemer Quadrille 7 Fig. 3
xFairy Waltz
xKate Kearney Waltz
xLucy Long Polka

The following videos were recorded at the Western Open Fiddle Contest, Red Bluff, CA, 2013.

xGal on the Log, Ryestraw, Glise De Sherbooke - Jamming and talking with David Johns, guitar, on the lawn outside the contest.

xPeter Barnes, Concert Reel, Lost Indian, Old Coon Dog, Nine Miles, My Skiff is on the Shore, Woolsey Waltz No. 3, Ryestraw, Yellow Barber - Jamming on a bench outside the fiddle contest site. Peter Barnes was written by Frank Ferrel, Nine Miles is from Missouri fiddler John White, My Skiff is on the Shore is from the Neilson Manuscript, Scotland, 1875, Woolsey Waltz No. 3 was written by Jack Woolsey, Canyon City, Oregon, around the 1860s and is in the Haynes Family Manuscript from the Willamette Valley in pioneer times

Washington Old Time Fiddlers Show Jams
xGolden Slippers
xRed Wing
xArkansas Traveler

History of Washington State Fiddling with Brid Nowlan, Warren Argo, John White, Stuart Williams, Phil Williams, Vivian Williams - A panel discussion and demonstration of the principal styles of traditional Pacific Northwest fiddling and where they came from on the Narrative Stage, Northwest Folklife Festival.

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