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Music of the Eskimos - Girl's Game

Angutnak, Matee
Music of the Eskimos - Girl's Game
*Content Advisory: The Indigenous peoples of the Arctic identify as Inuit or Yup’ik in both personal and international matters. Individuals also refer to themselves with the names of their communities. “Eskimo” is a name imposed on the Inuit by non-Indigenous people and has increasingly come to be viewed as a slur. Smithsonian Folkways has chosen to leave the album as published in its original state to serve as a historical document; however, we encourage the listener to learn more about how the Inuit and Yup’ik prefer to be represented. Please see the Declaration of the Inuit Circumpolar Council Resolution and the University of Alaska Fairbanks Alaska Native Language Center for more information.
- Anna Kate Cannon, 2021–22 Dumbarton Oaks Fellow at SFR, contributed to research and writing for this statement.
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