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2023 World Music Pedagogy Courses

The World Music Pedagogy course weaves together experiences in music, cultural meaning, and culturally sensitive pedagogical strategies, and provides for active listening episodes leading to participatory, performative, and creative musical experiences—all tailored to fit learners of various ages and experiences. The course emphasizes the teaching of global-local music for intercultural understanding, and attends to culturally relevant pedagogy as it pertains to music education practices. Featured resources in the course are selections from the reserves of Smithsonian Folkways Recordings and the World Music Pedagogy series of books/recording links, all directed to the ways of knowing the world of music, in music, and through music. All are welcome, including music educators, all-subject educators, artist-musicians, applied ethnomusicologists, curricular designers, community organizers, and all who are seeking further insights on musical-cultural diversity, equity, and inclusion.

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  • Online Webinar Course

    World Music Pedagogy: Teaching Music/Teaching Culture

  • Online WMP Course with MTIIS (Music Teachers in International Schools)

  • Texas State University

    World Music Pedagogy: Teaching Music/Teaching Culture

  • University of St. Thomas

    World Music Pedagogy

  • West Virginia University

    World Music Pedagogy: Celebrating Global and Local Music Culture

  • University of Hartford

  • Université Laval [In French]