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Sapne Mein Parni Gopal

Sapne Mein Parni Gopal

"Sapne Mein Parni Gopal" is a bhajan or devotional song to Krishna, composed by the legendary medieval saint poet Mirabai. The bhajan begins with a well-known duha on Krishna, "He plays the flute, grazes the cows, dances the ras, the dark love of Radha, beloved to all her girl friends."

Mira sings in the

bhajan, “Mother I married Gopal (Krishna) in my dreams." She describes Krishna dressed as a groom, with a turban on his head, turmeric on his body and hands colored red with gulal. She, Mira, is a bride, dressed in the traditional sixteen forms of adornment. The blessed union takes place under the skies and stars. Throughout the song Mira addresses her Lord through various terms of endearment that are traditional epithets of Krishna.

In this bhajan, as is common in the Bhakti tradition, God is referred to as the beloved or the lover, and the concept of marriage reflects the union with the almighty.