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Limpieza de Cauces (Pregón de Mórrope)

Limpieza de Cauces (Pregón de Mórrope)

This track also appears on the compilation CD Smithsonian Folkways World Music Collection (SFW CD 40471, 1997). From liner notes for SF 40471: Important collective agricultural activities in Peru were traditionally announced by (and often accompanied by) music. Prior to the arrival of the Spanish, native peoples in Peru constructed vast and elaborate terraced fields, irrigation channels, and sophisticated high-altitude gardens that used water to keep their crops from freezing. Even in the 20th century, when the settlers of Mórrope or the outlying country homes needed to clean the riverbeds or irrigation channels, they were summoned by a crier, accompanied by a drummer who would walk around the night before alerting all residents to prepare themselves to work the next day. They could be heard for kilometers in the cold night air.