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Little Gypsy Girl (Meda Sijum Temori)

Esma Redzepova and Usnija Jasarova
Little Gypsy Girl (Meda Sijum Temori)
*Content Advisory: Most Roma consider the term “Gypsy” an offensive identifier or a racial slur. Some Roma, however, have used “Gypsy” as a self-identifier and continue to do so. A look at the term’s origins reveals that it is inaccurate as well as problematic: when Roma first moved to Europe from northern India, they were called “Gypsies” because many Europeans mistakenly believed they had come from Egypt. Roma have been a marginalized group for centuries, and the term “Gypsy” has been used in violent and racist ways. Smithsonian Folkways has chosen to leave the album as published in its original state to serve as a historical document; however, we encourage the listener to learn more about Roma history and culture, and the continued fight for Roma rights. For more information, please see these resources from the European Roma Rights Centre, the World Directory of Minorities and Indigenous Peoples, and Amnesty International.
- Anna Kate Cannon, 2021–22 Dumbarton Oaks Fellow at SFR, and Dr. Adriana Helbig, professor of Music at the University of Pittsburgh, contributed to the research and writing for this statement.
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