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Fast Folk Musical Magazine (Vol. 6, No.3) Tenth Anniversary-Live at the Bottom Line 1992

Various Artists
Fast Folk Musical Magazine (Vol. 6, No.3) Tenth Anniversary-Live at the Bottom Line 1992

The tenth anniversary edition of Fast Folk Musical Magazine resulted in 2 CDs of music recorded at the Bottom Line in Greenwich Village. The CDs were released separately.

Fast Folk Musical Magazine founder and editor jack Hardy opens this CD with two songs (“Home for the Holidays” and “The Boats Are Rolling Out”). Along the way Lucy Kaplansky sings Robin Batteau’s “Guinnevere,” Rod McDonald sings of a “Man on the Ledge,” The Roches contribute “I’ve Got Nothing to Hide,” and Dave Van Ronk provides a musical roadmap of New Jersey (“The Garden State Stomp”). Richard Julian and ensemble close with a countrified “Rise from the Ruins.” A facsimile of the magazine is included.

Track Listing

Home for the Holidays / The Boats Are Rolling Out Jack Hardy, Eddy Lawrence, Wendy Beckerman, and Greg Anderson 6:29
Guinnevere Lucy Kaplansky, Rachel Polisher, Robin Batteau, Mark Dann, and Jeff Hardy 5:53
Record Time Steve Key, Tom Meltzer, Josh Joffen, Judith Zweiman, Pierce Pettis, Eddy Lawrence, Lisa Gutkin, and Jeff Hardy 3:17
Marie Jim Allen, Richard Julian, Greg Anderson, Brian Mitchell, Howie Wyeth, and Mark Dann 3:40
The Blue Whale Eddy Lawrence, Jack Hardy, Richard Meyer, Jeff Wilkinson, Richard Shindell, David Massengill, and Brian Mitchell 3:37
Fisherman Wendy Beckerman and Greg Anderson 3:32
Before the Country Moved to Town Michael Jerling, Richard Meyer, and Eddy Lawrence 4:00
Shining Brow Jeff Wilkinson, Richard Meyer, Judith Zweiman, Frank Tedesso, Jack Hardy, Wendy Beckerman, and Richard Julian 4:09
Blood Sings Suzanne Vega 3:24
Man on a Ledge Rod MacDonald, Greg Anderson, and Craig Harris 6:33
The Child Jack Hardy, Wendy Beckerman, Rachel Polisher, Nikki Matheson, Jeff Hardy, Lisa Gutkin, Greg Anderson, and Mark Dann 4:42
I've Got Nothing to Hide The Roches 3:57
In the Mirror Brian Rose, Greg Anderson, and Howie Wyeth 3:50
Back in the Depression Pierce Pettis, Nikki Matheson, Josh Joffen, Rachel Polisher, Hugh Blumenfeld, and Mark Dann 3:13
Are You Happy Now? Richard Shindell, Nikki Matheson, Lucy Kaplansky, Brian Mitchell, Greg Anderson, and Jeff Hardy 4:22
The Last Time Rachel Polisher and Richard Julian 4:12
The Garden State Stomp Dave Van Ronk 2:55
Rise from the Ruins Richard Julian, Richard Meyer, Eddy Lawrence, Greg Anderson, Lisa Gutkin, Brian Mitchell, Mark Dann, Jeff Hardy, and Howie Wyeth 3:27