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Smithsonian Folkways Certificate Course in World Music Pedagogy

July 16 –20, 2018
Indiana University
Bloomington, IN

Travel the world in your music classroom! The IU Smithsonian Folkways Recordings World Music Pedagogy Workshop is one-week intensive program (five days: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm each day) to discover music of many cultures through singing, playing, listening, moving, and creating. Alongside the musical experiences, we will explore the resources and pedagogical strategies in order to introduce music of the world’s people to our own current and future students. We will examine recordings and curricular materials available in the Smithsonian Folkways Institution archives and elsewhere. We will also collaborate to examine pedagogical issues involved with learning and teaching music of all cultures and practice applications for various teaching contexts. A final pedagogical project will be completed for participants to earn Smithsonian Folkways Certification in World Music Pedagogy.

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