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The Glesca Eskimos

Glasgow Song Guild
The Glesca Eskimos
From liner notes: Goebbels referred to the 8th Army as 'rats caught in a trap.' But Mephisto was caught himself. The epithet became a badge of honour, and the famous Desert Rats chased Nazism out of Africa. Captain Laning followed in the Doktor's fateful footsteps when he dismissed the Holy Loch demonstrators as 'Eskimos,' not realizing that these friendly people had been long esconced in Glasgow song:
"Sitting amang the Eskimos,
Playing a gemme o dominoes,
Ma Maw's a millionaire."
It's sad that this hoary old sea-dog has been muzzled. His every yap was pure gold to the war-chest.

The tune is only theoretically 'Marching through Georgia.' It has long been acclimatised in Glasgow as the 'Brighton Billy Boys,' an Orange song, and half its popularity stems from this fact.
Style: rebel-direct.