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The misguided missile and the misguided miss

Glasgow Song Guild
The misguided missile and the misguided miss
From liner notes: Glasgow music-hall has always been popular in inspiration. It takes its material directly from the sayings and doings of the citizens themselves. (cf. Will Fyffe's "I belang tae Glesca"--the city's theme-song). Since Glasgow folk-song takes a large part of its material from the same sources, it's not surprising that folk and music-hall often overlap. Note some of the characteristics: the original tune, you think you've heard before; the wayward rhyme scheme, tying the familiar to the new departure; the exaggeration and over-interpretation of the line of argument; the overtones from the English '90s (the mock tragic ballad); and from the Hollywood '20s and '30s (cf. Al Jolson's 'Mammy,' the Cantor musicals and the sustained finale exit).

"The Yanks are a great people, a great people. They'd do anything for you. First they send Billy Graham over to tell us where to go. And now they're sending Laning to make sure we get there."--The Half-Past Eight Show.
Style: rebel-vaudville.