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The Polis o Argyll

Glasgow Song Guild
The Polis o Argyll
From liner notes: The polis are fascinated by every reference to themselves. They're not sure whether the singers are singing with them, at them, round them, by them or through them. They don't know whether they're folk-friends, folk-villains, folk-comedians or folk crowd-scenes. But they do know that they are accepted as folk-somethings and relax. They're quite photogenic as they tap out time to the old banjo, and join in the chorus singing. Even the Top-Brass (remembering the sustained 'ad lib for the polis' singing at the first Holy Loch sit-down and the adverse press comment, resulting from their over-zealous handling of the sit-downers) treat the demonstrators with great courtesy and make special provisions for the singers--"subject to the Noise Abatement Act."
Style: rebel-comeallye.