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“Kaulīlua i ke anu Wai'ale'ale”

Kaulīlua i ke anu Wai'ale'ale

Kuluwaimaka, a chanter in the court of Kalakaua, performs "Kaulilua" in a voice style he calls "leo hula," literally "dance voice." Kalakaua inherited this chant upon his ascent to the throne in 1874. During his reign "Kaulilua" was usually performed as a mele oli, chant unaccompanied by instruments. In this rendition, Kuluwaimaka performs it as a mele hula (with text and dance). Kuluwaimaka's style is most similar to a hula pa'iumauma, a dance in a kneeling position characterized by chest (umauma) slapping (pa'i), usually accompanied by an instrument. This piece was recorded in 1933.