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Japanese Buddhist Ritual

Various Artists
Japanese Buddhist Ritual

This is a recording of the everyday sounds at the Nomanji Temple, a Buddhist temple in the Tendai sect located outside of Kawasaki. It includes the sounds of a temple bell, morning prayers, hymns, the drums and gongs of the temple, and a memorial service chant sung by a Buddhist nun. Liner notes include a detailed history of Buddhism, an explanation of the Tendai sect and the location and history of the Nomanji Temple, and a condensed version of the original teachings of Sakya Muni, one of the titles by which the Buddha is known.

Track Listing

Large Temple Bell n/a 0:24
Morning Prayers (Hokke Kyo) Nomanji Temple 16:21
Gongs and Drum Nomanji Temple 1:18
Wasan Goeka Hymn Nomanji Temple 6:42
Wasan Goeka Hymn Nomanji Temple 6:59
Hymn of Mt. Hiei Nomanji Temple 3:27
Memorial Service - Tenri-Kyo Chant Nomanji Temple 4:00