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Bharthari ka Biyavalo - Bharthari’s Detachment

Bharthari ka Biyavalo - Bharthari’s Detachment

This is a part of the chapter "Bharthari's detachment" of Bharthari ka biyavalo. One day, King Bharthari went hunting and killed a stag. Its seven thousand does impaled themselves on its antlers and died. Guru Gorakh Nath appeared and rebuked Bharthari for killing an innocent creature and causing so much suffering. Then he restored the dead stag to life. Bharthari, however, decided to set a test for his queen Pingala. Curious whether she was as loyal as the does, he sent her a handkerchief soaked in deer blood with the message that he is dead. The queen realized this was just a test, but killed herself anyway. When Bharthari returned after myriad adventures and learnt about his queen's sacrifice, contrition drove him insane. Then Gorakh Nath created seven hundred and fifty Pingalas, thereby demonstrating the illusory nature of life. Finally, he restored the real Pingala to the king. The portion presented here describes Gorakh Nath creating seven hundred Pingalas. He first worshipped Lord Shankar. Then he lifted his tongs and struck Pingala's funeral pyre seven times. Immediately, seven hundred Pingalas, all identical, appeared. Gorakh Nath then asked Bharthari to identify the real Pingala, and said if he made a mistake, then he, Gorakh Nath, will flay him with his tongs.