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Bharthari ka Biyavalo - Bharthari's Birth Story

Madhu Natisar Nath and Shivji Nath
Bharthari ka Biyavalo - Bharthari's Birth Story
This is a part of the chapter "Bharthari's Birth story" from "Bharthari ka biyavalo." Queen Pan De thought of inviting her parents to see her children and wrote a letter and sent a man. She thought, "Now my own mother and father ought to feel joyful. I've had three children, boys and a girl, but others take care of me. They married me to a donkey and sent me away. And since then they haven't visited me."

After reading the letter, the King was very angry. "Who needs a daughter like that? Yes, I married her to a donkey, so where did these princes come from? I will not visit her." But her mother said, "Though sinner she be, She belongs to me. I'll go and see what has happened to my daughter."