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Gopi Chand ka Biyavalo - Gopi Chand's Journey to Bengal

Gopi Chand ka Biyavalo - Gopi Chand's Journey to Bengal

This is a part of the chapter "Gopi Chand's journey to Bengal" of Gopi Chand ka biyavalo. Disregarding the advice of both is guru and his mother, Gopi Chand set off for Dhaka (or Dhak) in Bengal to meet his sister Champa De. He was waylaid by seven sorceresses, who humiliated and abused him. They turned him into first a parrot, then an ox, a donkey, a rooster, again a parrot, and so on. Jalindar Nath sent a rescue party, which did not succeed. He then himself led a second, successful, party. Gopi Chand went on to meet his sister, who died of shock at seeing her brother become a yogi. Jalindar Nath restored her to life. The section presented here describes Gopi Chand's arrival at Champa De's palace. Eleven hundred slave-girls went to meet the yogi who was standing outside the palace gates. When they recognized him as the Queen's brother, they returned crying. Champa De demanded to know what the matter was. When they told her, she was furious and promised to teach them a lesson for spreading such lies. Finally they convinced her. When Champa De went down to see her brother, she was so anguished at beholding him that she actually died in his arms.