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Gopi Chand ka Biyavalo - The Story of Gopi Chand’s Birth

Gopi Chand ka Biyavalo - The Story of Gopi Chand’s Birth

This is a part of the chapter "The story of Gopi Chand's birth" from Gopi Chand ka biyavalo. Gopi Chand's mother, Manavati, was fated to not have a child. For twelve years, she tried every means of propitiating the gods and the Brahmans. Finally, Lord Shiva let her borrow one of Guru Jalindar Nath's disciples. The loan was on condition that after ruling for twelve years, Gopi Chand must become an ascetic. Moreover, if he did so, he would gain immortality. Otherwise, he would die.

The portion presented here begins with Manavati asking Gopi Chand to renounce his kingdom and become a yogi. He protests. He asks her, "How can I leave my life of luxury? And anyway, which king ever renounced his kingdom and turned yogi?" Manavati points out that not only Bhola Nath (i.e. Lord Shiva), Ram, and Lakshman, but also his own Uncle Bharthari had become yogis. Gopi Chand says if he does so, his wives and slave-girls will be so grief-stricken that they will commit suicide. Manavati then tells him that wives and slave girls are transient, but if he turns yogi he will become immortal.