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Bwana Moshi ufunguo nakupa wasia

Bwana Moshi ufunguo nakupa wasia

From ILAM catalog: The leader is well known in Tabora as a café entertainer particularly for his humorous interjections--he starts by introducing himself by name. The record was made in a small room which serves as a club and opens out directly onto the street. The small xylophone was said to have come from the other side of Lake Tanganyika in the Congo from the Manyema people.

Many members of Congo tribes have migrated into Tanganyika across the lake on account of the trade route down to the coast used first by the Arabs and later by the railway to Dar-es-Salaam. The sons of these men who still claim to be tribesmen of the Congo were born in Tanganyika and speak and sing only in Swahili. The style is not local and perhaps originates in the Albertville region of Southern Congo. The tone of voice of these café singers is typical of those whose major payment is in kind, which after a while blurs the edge of their voices and their performances.