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Likembi Song Book

Likembi Song Book

Likembi Song Book is a group of recordings by Nadi Qamar—known as Spaulding Givens before his conversion to Islam—that uses the likembi (also spelled likembe, a type of thumb piano) to tell stories of the Afro-Islamic experience through song. This genre of music is used in ceremonial activities. The album is one of a series by Qamar on Folkways that offers instruction on the likembe. This particular collection shows Qamar’s transition from the piano to the likembe and begins with short pieces to demonstrate various methods of playing the instrument. The liner notes include the instruments, songs, and pictures used in the album.

Track Listing

A Likembi Classical Nadi Qamar 0:46
Pastorale Nadi Qamar 1:08
Finger Dance #1 Nadi Qamar 0:54
Finger Dance #2 Nadi Qamar 1:27
Finger Poppin' Piece #1 Nadi Qamar 0:46
Miraculous Climbers,The Nadi Qamar 1:47
California Suite #3 (sic): California Sutra #3 Nadi Qamar 11:50
California Sutra #3 (concluded) Nadi Qamar 20:47