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Llegaron Los Camperos - The Countrymen Arrived

Llegaron Los Camperos - The Countrymen Arrived

Since the earliest years of the group's 44-year history, the "Los camperos" has been a signature theme in their public performances. The opening lyric, "Llegaron los camperos con sus guitarras cantando alegres" ('The countrymen have arrived, singing joyfully with their guitars'), is cast in a huapango rhythm, distinctive for its syncopated feel and guitar strumming patterns. On this track, it is paired with "El son de la negra," in the upbeat, synopated meter of the son, a core genre of the mariachi repertoire dating to the earliest mariachi recordings. "La negra" is the signature piece of the mariachi ensemble, played virtually by every group, danced by Mexican folkloric dance troupes, and requested by Mexican audiences.