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  • Pre-Order Tuvan ensemble Alash’s album Achai

    Just above Mongolia, Tuva is a relatively small Federal Subject in the southern region of Russia. The music from this region differs from what is familiar in the western world. Yet, the continuing of traditions and the passage of Tuvan music from generation to generation is something that the world can easily understand and appreciate. This concept forms the basis of Tuvan ensemble Alash’s new album Achai, out on Smithsonian Folkways on August 25th and available for pre-order now.

    Achai, which translates to “father” in English refers to Kongar-Ool Andar, for whom the album is dedicated, and his fatherly role in sharing and teaching Tuva traditions. Largely, Achai seeks to share a musical tradition and how it passes from father to son, especially as Tuvan music tends to address the role of the mother more frequently. Kongar-Ool Andar’s efforts to pass down and preserve music both living and past made international recognition possible.

    The well-established band Alash features traditional Tuvan instruments like the doshpuluur and the shoor (one resembles a banjo and the other is a type of wooden flute) on Achai. However, Alash does not adhere solely to the traditional; some of the featured tunes are improvisational, including “Flute Box”, a tune comprised of beat boxing and flute music.

    Alash’s Achai is now available for pre-order and all purchases will receive an instant download of “My Throat, The Cuckoo.”

    Pre-Order Tuvan ensemble Alash’s album Achai | Smithsonian Folkways Recordings