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  • Stephen Wade’s Across the Amerikee: Showpieces from Coal Camp to Cattle Trail, Now Available

    Inspired by the voices of the Grand Ole Opry, Stephen Wade hears the passion and history in American folk music and brings to life a journey of experiences on Across the Amerikee: Showpieces from Coal Camp to Cattle Trail. Music drawn from stories and passed on through friendships create an album of essential American folk sounds, stripped down to articulate banjo, guitar, and vocals. In creating his music, sans unnecessary alterations or additions, Wade leans on a strong base of tradition. “Across the Amerikee steers by an old-fashioned route, a method followed since the advent of recorded sound.”

    The songs of Across the Amerikee tell stories of history, locality, and humanity. To truly portray the background that shaped this music, Wade went the extra mile, holding conversations and visits with the people who have a relationship with American folk music. People who have sung and performed these songs in the past shared their insight with Wade to inspire the music he recreates. His solo album thus displays a different kind of collaboration, one formed through cultural communication and musical exploration.

    Learn more and purchase the album here.