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    For The Kids: Summer 2020 Children's Music Sale is Underway

    Looking for something to listen to while you jump and dance around with your kids? Something to stimulate their mind, body, and spirit this summer? Smithsonian Folkways Recordings will be having a 15% off sale on our complete and extensive catalogue of children’s music albums, from June 23rd through July 5th! Find activity songs, sing-a-longs, storytelling, and so much more during the Smithsonian Folkways Children’s Music Sale. We’ll also be presenting special children’s programming on our Facebook page, including an event with The Bright Siders on Wednesday, June 24th, with more to follow.

    Children’s music has been a crucial part of the history of Folkways from the very beginning of its inception. Our founder Moses Asch sought to build a library of children's records that was intelligent, playful, and inventive, seeking out adult musicians as well as children’s own voices. The catalogue of over 200 albums features the entire discography of the esteemed Ella Jenkins, children's music from the legendary Lead Belly and Pete Seeger, the family folk music of Elizabeth Mitchell, bilingual music from José-Luis Orozco and Suni Paz, and so much more! There are songs for learning about numbers, letters, animals, and every other topic you could think of, and sung in multiple languages! From Children’s Jamaican Songs and Games to Folk Tales from Indonesia, from West Indian Folk Songs for Children to French Folk Songs for Children, there are albums for children from all around the world. The collection has everything from music to stories to poems, for children and their families of all ages.

    For The Kids: Summer 2020 Children's Music Sale is Underway | Smithsonian Folkways Recordings