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    The Folkways Father's Day Sale Has Begun

    Father's Day is coming around the corner faster than a Harley-Davidson bought during a recent midlife crisis -- make sure Dad doesn't spring for leather chaps this year, and buy him brand new merch items from his favorite record label. All items ordered before June 10th will arrive in time for Dad's special day on June 16th.

    Folkways Trucker Hat

    Ensure your ideal look for all your adventures with The Smithsonian Folkways trucker hat! This hat features an adjustable snap-back closure and mesh backing for maximum comfort and ventilation, while the washed cotton fabric ensures a heritage worn look ready to take on any activity. Only $15.00. Order here.

    Folkways Shopping Bag

    Don’t forget your Folkways shopping bag when you are out at the grocery store or just out looking for new LPs or books. Use it for groceries, going to the beach, and other activities. Only $10.00. Order here.

    Folkways Patch

    Add a personal touch to backpacks or bags by decorating it with the Smithsonian Folkways Recordings patch. Also great for t-shirts, hats, jeans, vests, or acid-washed denim jackets! Attach this salt-and-pepper patch to match Dad's 'stache. A 100% embroidered, 2.5" x 2.5" square with no iron-on backing is bound to make dad feel just like it's 1970 again. Now only $5.00. Order here.

    Lead Belly T-Shirt

    Designed by Fritz Klaetke (Visual Dialogue), GRAMMY-winning art director for Lead Belly: The Smithsonian Folkways Collection, this unisex t-shirt is printed on 100% cotton. Click here for a handy size chart. Only $12.00 for a limited time. Order here.

    Woody Guthrie T-Shirt

    Wear your love for Woody on your sleeve -- literally! Also designed by Fritz Klaetke (Visual Dialogue), this unisex t-shirt is printed on 100% cotton, and is only $12.00 for a limited time. Order here.

    The Folkways Father's Day Sale Has Begun | Smithsonian Folkways Recordings