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    Wild Wild East Remixed Contest Winner and Honorable Mentions

    Smithsonian Folkways is excited to announce the winners of Sunny Jain’s remix contest. Earlier this April, Jain shared audio stems from his new tracks “Immigrant Warrior” and “Red, Brown, Black (feat. Haseeb)". The original tracks from Jain’s latest album Wild Wild East have been reimagined by the participants, building upon the tracks that featured effected dhol, guitar soundscapes, drum grooves, fat sousaphone bass lines, snaking saxophone melodies, and verses from Haseeb.

    Wild Wild East explores American Western expansion myths, combining the influences of Bollywood scores and spaghetti Westerns with Indian folk and improvisational jazz. Jain chose the contest winners that he felt had fun with the stems and who created something new and exciting. Congratulations to Richard Padrón who won the contest, with his submission “I Love My Country Remix.” Honorable mentions were given to “Remix Project” by Jayson Lempiner and "Reap and Sow" by Jordan McLean.

    Jain expressed gratitude for the entries, “Thanks to everyone who participated in the remix contest. Was very cool to hear all the various interpretations of “Immigrant Warrior” and “Red, Brown, Black.” Here are 3 that we really thought were the standout remixes!”