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Past Courses for Teachers

Hands-on Experience with Folkways

Smithsonian Folkways Certification Course in World Music Pedagogy

June 22-26, 2015
University of Washington

Audio, video, print, electronic, and human resources will be sampled in this intensive course, with the aim of learning as well as developing an understanding of ways to teach music of the world’s cultures. Attention will be given to learning culture through songs, movement and dance experiences, instrumental music, and contextualized cultural components. Participants will be guided through recordings and curricular materials from the Smithsonian Folkways archives that fit the needs of students in knowing music (and knowing culture through music). Musical experiences will be tailored for use at various levels, including in classes for children, youth, and adults in university and community settings, with occasional small group sessions to decipher and discuss applications for particular teaching contexts and aims. Enrolled participants will join together to share particulars means of teaching world music, and will receive documentation from the Smithsonian Institution that certifies their specialized study in world music pedagogy.

Faculty include

  • Marisol Berrios-Miranda (Puerto Rican music and dance)
  • Thione Diop (Senegal, sabar drumming)
  • Shannon Dudley (Trinidad, Afro-Caribbean polyrythms)
  • Christopher Roberts (Turkey, Botswana, pedagogical approaches)
  • Amanda C. Soto (Conjunto, Social Justice, Media applications)
  • Patricia Shehan Campbell (Bulgaria, Southeast Asia, pedagogical approaches)
  • Along with other artist-musicians

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