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People’s Picks: Daniel Bachman

I first learned about Smithsonian Folkways through my dad's record collection. He had picked up a number of those records while working as a gigging folk musician around the Virginia and D.C. area in the 60's and 70's. Eventually life picked up with jobs, kids, all that, and they sat on a shelf until I started to dig through them as a teenager. Reading those notes and looking at all those photos opened me up to a world of new perspectives, lifestyles, and art that continues to influence my own life and work to this day, more so than any other label or collection that I can think of. So here are some tunes that I love and make me feel deeply. Some from my dad's collection, and some that are new to me. I had so much fun digging through the catalog and want to say thanks for all the music, and all the music yet to come!