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People's Picks: Mabe Fratti

People's Picks: Mabe Fratti
People's Picks: Mabe Fratti | Smithsonian Folkways Recordings

To delve into an archive as varied and broad as Folkways, I decided to approach it in a very open way: I would think of a country or an area and delve into the discography. Being particularly attracted to the oldest recordings, I knew I would either find in them the tape saturation I personally aesthetically enjoy, or I would just be attracted to the instruments used in each area. However, editing the playlist, I was struck mostly by the overall energy of the music that I would from my own personal perspective consider ceremonial. And why not create a multi-geographical playlist full of ceremonies?

Mabe Fratti is a Guatemalan-born and Mexico City-based experimental cellist, vocalist, and composer. Her music is transformational; invoked by the sort of magpie spirit that ensnares anything it can find, repositioning sounds for the here and now. Sentir Que No Sabes, her fourth solo-credited album, is available now on Unheard of Hope.
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