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Temusewo Mukasa
From ILAM catalog: Many years ago there was a white man (said to be an Australian) called Kitumbu, a trader, who made tiles. He was a very fat man and used to ride on a donkey. One day he fell ill and went to the mission hospital where an operation became necessary. The famous Dr. Cook had just arrived from the coast on foot leaving all his instruments behind, so he had to make use of domestic plates, knives and bowls in the makeshift operating theatre. Kitumbu was operated on near Easter time and, it is said, did not survive. Local legend has it that all the people thought that 700 Europeans, 800 Indians and 800 Goans all ate up the remains of Kitumbu till only his back bone was left.

Mugwanya, a judge, and one of the three signatoreies to the Buganda territory, it was also said, did not eat the meat, but only the pancreas, and so he was excused!

In such manner are local legends made!