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Gospel Music

Gospel Music

Reverend Thomas (Tommy) Brown presents two generations of gospel music in this 1980 release. The first half of the recording features Brown Playing piano and singing, with his group the Gospel Now Singers; he joins his daughter’s group the Gospel Vessels on the second half of the recording. Both gospel groups sing in a contemporary, urban gospel style. The repertoire includes both traditional (“Lord Revive Us” and “Highway to Heaven”) and modern gospel songs. The liner notes include biographies of Brown, the Gospel Now Singers, and the Gospel Vessels, as well as background information for each music selection.

Track Listing

Lord Revive Us Tommy Brown 2:49
She Comes Because She's Concerned / Come On in the Room (medley) Tommy Brown 3:24
God Is Tommy Brown 5:27
Six Months to Mind My Own Business Tommy Brown 4:46
Hold the Light Tommy Brown 5:16
We Have Come Into This House Tommy Brown 3:07
He Gave Me Joy / Let Us All Go Back to the Old Landmark (medley) Tommy Brown 7:09
Naked / Highway to Heaven (medley) Tommy Brown 6:57
Working on a Building Tommy Brown 3:29