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Gambian Griot Kora Duets

Alhaji Bai Konte, Dembo Konte, Ma Lamini Jobate
Gambian Griot Kora Duets

Kora musicians, part of the Jali tradition of griot families throughout West Africa, are the historians, singers, and record keepers of their local cultures. In this collection, Bai Konte, playing duets with his son Dembo Kante and with Ma Lamini Jobate, takes us through traditional, popular, and original songs on the 21-stringed Manding instrument. The recording features High Life numbers as well as a song that predates the kora itself; it was written in honor of an ancient king in Mali, and originally performed on “kontingos, the small plucked lutes played by Mandinka musicians” (from liner notes). Liner notes include artist biographies, lyrics and translations, and photographs.

Track Listing

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Sutukung Kumbu Sora and Solo (Tomora Ba Tuning) Dembo Konte 8:02
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Tutu Jara (Sauta Tuning) Dembo Konte 9:22
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Jembasengo (Tomora Ba Tuning) Dembo Konte 3:44
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Darisalami Amad Fal (Tomora Ba Tuning) Dembo Konte 10:00
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Yeyengo - High Life Tune (Tomora Ba Tuning) Dembo Konte 11:00