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Uncle Bouqui of Haiti: By Harold Courlander

Uncle Bouqui of Haiti: By Harold Courlander

Augusta Baker, storyteller and proponent of children’s literature, reads three of the Haitian folktales transcribed by Harold Courlander in his eponymously-titled book, including "Uncle Bouqui Gets Whee-Ai," "Uncle Bouqui Rents a Horse" and "Uncle Bouqui and Godfather Malice." These imaginative and mischievous tales are ideal for children.


Augusta Baker, narradora y defensora de la literatura infantil, lee tres de los cuentos populares haitianos transcritos por Harold Courlander en su libro titulado homónimamente, incluyendo ”Uncle Bouqui Gets Whee-Ai“, ”Uncle Bouqui Rents a Horse“ y ”Uncle Bouqui and Godfather Malice“. Estos cuentos imaginativos y traviesos son ideales para los niños.

Track Listing

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Uncle Bouqui Gets Whee-al Augusta Baker 8:29
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Uncle Bouqui Rents a Horse Augusta Baker 11:23
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Uncle Bouqui and Godfather Malice Augusta Baker 12:26