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Azerbaijan: Azerbaijani Mugam

Various Artists
Azerbaijan: Azerbaijani Mugam The traditional music of Azerbaijan is based on a system of melodic modes and motifs called mugam, which provide a structure for improvised performances and fixed compositions. The term mugam does not merely mean a mode; it includes the whole structure of the instrumental and vocal development. In its most usual form mugam is performed by a singer. Mugams, however, can be performed instrumentally when the musician is a great virtuoso. It is in this solo form that the improvisation allows for the most variety, refinement, and expressive possibility. This recording features Bahram Mansurov performing on the Azerbaijan tar, an 11-string lute. According to liner notes by Alain Daniélou, Mansurov is “unrivaled for his talent of creation and improvisation in the pure style of the traditional music of Azerbaijan.”

Track Listing

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Mugam Bayati-Isfahan Bahram Mansurov 05:30
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Mugam Humayun Bahram Mansurov 08:30
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Mugam Nivanishapur Bahram Mansurov 04:56
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Mugam Shur Bahram Mansurov 09:06
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Mugam Mahur-Hindi Bahram Mansurov 11:56
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Mugam Bayati-Kurd Bahram Mansurov 06:47
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Mugam Chahargah Bahram Mansurov 09:05