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“"Kichaka Vadha" Part 2 - 'Muru lokadidalla i rupa saundarya”

"Kichaka Vadha" Part 2 - 'Muru lokadidalla i rupa saundarya

This episode is from the Virataparva part of the Mahabharata - the episode known as "Kichaka Vadha" (the slaying of Kichaka). This episode is part of the Mahabhrata story when the Pandavas are living incognito in exile in the forest. Kichaka tries to seduce Sairandhri, who is actually Draupadi. Finally Kichaka is killed by Valala who is Bhima in disguise. In this song is Kichaka woos Sairandhri with praises about her beauty.This performance is in the tenkutittu style