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Hand Analysis: Beginners Introduction

Hand Analysis: Beginners Introduction

Betsy Hoffman introduces the basics of “reading” hands in this 1980 album. She begins by explaining that baby’s hands are mirror images of each other at birth which start to develop markings immediately after birth through sucking and other such basic activities of a newborn. Thus your hands become a sort of map of your life which reflects what a person is “thinking, feeling, doing” and archives your developments through life. Whether one believes such notions or not, this album, through Hoffman’s very clear explanations, is an interesting listen for any and all. Liner notes include transcription of the album.

Track Listing

Introduction Betsy Hoffman 3:32
Size. "We'll Begin..." Betsy Hoffman 2:39
Spacing. "Now Place..." Betsy Hoffman 2:26
Fingernail Shapes. "Now Look at..." Betsy Hoffman 2:59
Fingers. "Each Finger..." Betsy Hoffman 3:33
Lines. "Now We Come to..." Betsy Hoffman 8:41
Mounts. "Above the Heart..." Betsy Hoffman 2:06
Conscious/Unconscious Hand Parts. "Now I Would..." Betsy Hoffman 5:04