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Way Out on the Mountain: Jimmie Rodgers Songs by Bud Reed

Way Out on the Mountain: Jimmie Rodgers Songs by Bud Reed

On this 1982 recording, singer, guitarist, and harmonica player Bud Reed, husband of Ola Belle Reed, covers 10 songs originally recorded by legendary country music pioneer Jimmie Rodgers. Former bluegrass promoter Judge Carl Goldstein recalled in an interview in Bluegrass Today: “Bud was a significant figure in the old time and bluegrass scene. Along with his wife, Ola Belle Reed, they helped establish and run New River Ranch near Rising Sun, Maryland which became one of the premier country music parks in the country in the late 1940s and 1950s. Reed also performed and recorded with Ola Belle internationally, playing guitar and mouth harp.” Included in this recording are several songs about trains and railroading, a reflection of Rodgers’ railroad background. The liner notes provide a brief introduction, lyrics, and composer credits.

Track Listing

Waiting For a Train (All Around the Water Tank) Bud Reed 3:24
In the Jailhouse Now Bud Reed 2:39
Daddy and Home Bud Reed 3:09
I Love the Women Bud Reed 2:37
Mother the Queen of My Heart Bud Reed 3:32
Peach Picking Time in Georgia Bud Reed 2:15
Mystery of Old #5 Bud Reed 4:09
Hobo Bill Bud Reed 2:46
Yodeling Cowboy Bud Reed 2:54
Wayout on the Mountain Bud Reed 3:34